MapQuest Launches New Map Site: Allows Users To Edit The Map

MapQuest Launched the online map website that allows users to edit and share. AOL’s MapQuest has launched a separate website Thursday.

People can modify and increase coordination in this website MapQuest map of the United States, Mark the the previously no comments destination, Such as the swing in the park near Disneyland specific recreational facilities or their own homes.

This open source software map site allows users to report errors or allow users to register as a map of in order to make recommendations to modify and make their own.

The Map Site URL, Updated every 15 minutes, the location of the new mark will be provided within 24 hours.

MapQuest said, Malicious editing will be sent to the police.

In Denver MapQuest since July this year, has been using OpenStreetMap data and popular open-source mapping software provides similar functionality for country-specific map.

OpenStreetMap is an editable world map

OpenStreetMap recent influential activities of the volunteers in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January of this year marked on the map camp and destroyed the bridge, help rescue workers need to get the help.

The idea is for people to create rich map data. People like to develop location-based applications using MapQuest. MapQuest general manager Christian Dwyer (Christian Dwyer) said, We want to “open” Google. Google Map Maker Map Maker software allows civil mapping after registration map written and edited more than 150 countries and regions, Map especially in developing countries.

However, the Map production software has not produced a map of the United States of function. The editing community proposals were ultimately able to make these into Google Maps. Google Maps, a user can also report the error. Google needs about a month’s time to review these recommendations.

Dwyer said website and MapQuest site will eventually merge together. However, It needs at least a few years.
Facebook, Google and Microsoft are competing for top talent, MapQuest hope to re-establish the relationship with the developer community. Allow the production of new applications and attract the best engineers working for the company.

MapQuest said that It has online map market share of 45%, become the second largest vendor in this field after Google. People every month about 2.5 times website access. MapQuest’s goal is to become a part of people’s daily lives.

Google Docs product manager Vijay Bangaru will work for MapQuest

His new post of vice president of products here. Earlier Vijay Bangaru as a program manager at Microsoft.

Focus on the SQL Server, the WinFS project as well as strategic.

Vijay Bangaru MapQuest’s Denver office is responsible for the company’s maps and LBS business

In addition, he also became responsible MapQuest customers products including mobile apps, development, and services, including the user experience.

New apps of Mapquest For Drivers

There are several mobile apps available that offer voice directions, and one such app is the Mapquest app for mobile. Mapquest is available for Android devices, BlackBerry handsets, and the iPhone, and is available for free on all platforms, and features free voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation for drivers.

Obviously one shouldn’t use their mobile when driving a vehicle without a hands-free kit, and over here in the UK it is illegal to use your phone when driving. Need a little help when it comes to driving directions? The MapQuest app will be able to not only locate your destination but also guide you there with voice-guided instructions.

You will be able to perform searches easily for such places as restaurants, gas stations, shopping, entertainment, personal addresses, whatever it is you’re searching for. The Mapquest app for iOS, BlackBerry and Android is truly free as there are no subscriptions, upgrade required, or trail period.

As well, you’ll be able to stay on top of the traffic while driving thanks to a live traffic update feature. If you miss a turn, or make a wrong turn, not to worry because MapQuest will immediately find a new route for you. With the new Mapquest app along with driving directions the user also has the option to receive walking directions so you can opt to get wherever on foot once you have parked your vehicle.

New in this version are some very cool features such as the live traffic cameras, that will look at what the road conditions are ahead of you. The app also offers Live Traffic Flow and Incidents info that is updated every five minutes so you can avoid congested areas or incidents and remain on time.